How to Make Charm Bags

Charm or Spell bags

Charm or Spell bags

Charm bags are also known as spell bags.  Charm bags hold all of the ingrediants together for your spell, keeping the engery flowing and strong.

How to Make a Charm/Spell Bag

  1. You want to choose a sturdy material for your bag. There is velvet, leather, and felt that you can use. Using velvet can make a charm bag very effective.
  2. Choosing the color is very important, seeing as differnt colors mean differnt things.  So use a color that represents your spell.  Gold can be use for prosperity wealth spells. Red and Pink is for passion or love. Blue is used for anything spiritual.  Green is for finacial problems. Purple is for protection, and white is for simple wishes.
  3. Cut the material in two squares. Make sure they are equal in length and width!
  4. Lay the two pieces on top of each other and sew the bottom and sides together. While you do this, visualize what you disire coming true.
  5. Decorate it! Anyway you want to. You could write things on it with fabric pen or sew sequins or beads on it. Rember to visualize the your disired spell to work on you.
  6. Now you can put the ingredients into the bag, which can range from dried herbs, crystals, runes, notes of your intentions, and anything else that represnts the outcome and spell you want.
  7. Sew the top after the ingredients are in the pouch. Then sew a ribbon on your bag. After this you can put you charm bag where ever you disire it to be.

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