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What is the Cakes and Ale Ritual and How Is It Done?

Cakes and Ale

Cakes and Ale

Cakes and Ale Ritual is usually what you do after you do a ritual of any kind. It honors The Lord and The Lady. It’s the last thing you do before you close the circle. Most set the Cake and Ale out of the way and cover it with a white clothe. When all is done put the Cake and Ale on the altar and take off the clothe. But this was hard, there was a differnt way to take out this ritual. I will say one for someone practicing alone or with two. There are many ways to do it, but the sayings are always the same.

Solitary(Or Two) Cakes and Ale Ceremony

Hold each other’s hand,(or your own) over the cup and recite,

“From the Sun to the Vine

From the Vine to the Berry

From the Berry to the Wine

This brew is blessed in the scared names

Of our Lord and Lady.

So Mote it Be”

As you say this think about this and visualize the sun feeding the vine plant, which grows into a berry that turns into the drink. Then take your athame and dip it into the drink visualize the divine energy from the blade flow into the cup creating a white light and say,

“As the rod is to the God

So the Chalice(Cup) is to the GodessSo the Chalice(Cup) is to the Godess

And together they are one.”

As you take a drink visualize the divine spirit entering your body and pushing out all that is negative. Then say “May you/I never thirst.” and pass it to the next person returning the saying to you. If it’s just you, you have taken the blessing. Hold your hands over the cake and recite,

“From the moon to the stalk,

From the stalk to the grain,

From the grain to the bread,

This bread is blessed in scared names,

Of our Lord and Lady.

So mote it be.”

Take a bite from the bread/cake, saying. “May I never hunger”. If there is more then one, give a peice to the next person and say, “May you never hunger.” and they say the same to you. If you are alone, you are finished if not then do this. Both people raise your cups and say, “May we never thirst.” and drink it together. ┬áThen it’s finished and you can close the circle.

What can I use besides wine and cake?

That is just a term. It can range from cookie and milk, strawberries and champange and anything in between.

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